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Our website address is: https://sanaa.io.

Last updated: 3rd March 2021

Sanaa.io does not sell your personal data.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and care to remind you of your rights and the control you have over your personal data. This privacy policy details everything you need to know about the collection and processing of your sensitive information.


We, Sanaa Technologies (“Sanaa.io”), are a Dallas startup founded in 2019 aiming to change how art is created and consumed. We offer an easy-to-use augmented reality app for artists to express, museums to expand, and galleries to dazzle. With Sanaa.io, an existing artwork can be extended with a digital layer to create a unique interactive experience, connecting classical and digital art.

Sanaa Technologies is the producer and owner of Sanaa.io (collectively referred to here as the/our “Software” and the/our “Services”). We offer a free Application, Sanaa.io, available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores and a content management system that links them.

Information gathered from your visit doesn’t automatically identify you personally, such as your IP address, your operating system, your browser type and language, the date and time of your visit, the search term that led you to the site, your geographic region, the type of content you view, etc. This is done by assigning your computer one or more cookies which may collect information on how you use the site. For information on cookie use, please see the section below.

Personal information we do collect includes your name, email address, screen name, pictures and videos you upload. The collection is done through the process of registration for our services and it is up to you how much information you are willing to provide us with. You have the option to share your social media handles with us (and more), but this information is not required. We might also ask for you to update personal information from time-to-time and recommend you do so for your own benefit.

We only process your personal data for the specific reasons we collect it for and nothing else. We also do not process more data than is strictly necessary, periodically review the data and delete it when it is no longer needed. Our aim is to handle data with accuracy, transparency and integrity.


  • To allow you to register for our Services and process the registration. It is not required of you to provide personal information to view an Artwork and information collected by simply visiting the site will not be personally identifiable.
  • To communicate with you about our products, services and related issues. We only use your email address for this and you are able to unsubscribe at any time.
  • To evaluate the quality of our products and services, and to enhance your experience on our websites and applications.
  • To maintain and administer our websites and comply with our legal or internal obligations and policies.
  • To transfer information to others as described in this policy or to satisfy our legal, regulatory, compliance, or auditing requirements, including to disclose information to law enforcement authorities upon validly served legal processes or a valid judicial instruction (for example, pursuant to a court order).

This cookie policy applies whenever you visit Sanaa.io and admin.sanaa.io.

These technologies are used to track your activity by collecting data for strictly necessary, functional purposes and internal marketing. We do not sell your personal data to others.

Cookies are small text files to help with recognizing returning users, accessing and remembering personal information to distinguish you from others and enable certain features and services. Most website providers use cookies for reasons of efficiency, increased web security, navigation between pages, saving user preferences and to understand how the website is used.


Who will be collecting the data?

What types of cookies might be used and what is the purpose of the processing of personal data?

  • Strictly necessary cookies including PayPal, Stripe, Youtube, Amazon AWS, Zencoder, Google Tag Manager,1&1.
  • Functional cookies such as Google Analytics, hotjar, Google Optimise, Typeform. 
  • Marketing cookies like Facebook.

Why? For what purpose is the data being collected?

  • Statistical information for site administrators.
  • For efficient website operation.
  • To remember personal preferences.
  • To enable easy communication. 
  • Tracking behavior (anonymous) of website use.

What are a user’s options?

  • Accept the strictly necessary cookies, or risk the website not working as it should.
  • Select to opt-out of additional cookies.
  • The right to withdraw consent at any point.
  • Full control in browser settings.

Strictly necessary — These cookies are essential to the website working as intended. This includes: enabling pop-ups and help features; payment and transaction purposes; website navigation.

Functional — For a personalized user experience and to provide us with information to understand how we can improve our site. Within this category are features such as language preferences, dynamic forms and remembering registration. By understanding how the site is used, we can improve your experience. These cookies also make it possible for you to share across other social platforms. These cookies are optional, and you have the option to disable them.

Marketing — Sanaa.io does not sell data collected from cookies to any external companies for the purposes of targeted advertising. However, the cookies do help us promote Sanaa.io to you through social platforms such as Facebook (for a period of 180 days) once you have expressed interest by visiting our site. These cookies are optional, and you can always choose to opt-out.

You have the option to control or limit how cookies are used. Cookie selection is customizable and you are able to decline cookies at any point in your settings. However, if cookies are disabled, some features of the website may not function properly. Most devices and browsers accept cookies by default.

To disable Google Analytics using your data, you can install Google’s opt-out browser add-on. It can be found at tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

Browsers will allow you to choose your level of privacy in your settings. There you will be able to see what cookies you have and delete or block any cookies you don’t want.

For your benefit, see below a list of links for more information on managing popular browsers:

Google Chrome:








The personal information we gather is shared with our main servers provided by AWS and 1&1.

In some cases, we may publicly display information that is not personally identifying in the aggregate, (e.g., by publishing a report on trends in the usage of our Services) or may provide the aggregate data to third parties. Sanaa.io employees have access to some personal information, such as contact information, for the purposes of offering assistance and managing accounts. All employees work with discretion when it comes to sensitive information.

Your personal data will be stored for as long as you have an active account with Sanaa.io and upon your request we will delete your account and data within 30 days.

As a user of this and other websites, you have certain rights regarding your personal data under and users located outside of the US the GDPR. These eight rights are summarized below:

  1. To be informed about what your personal data is used for. For more information on this, please refer to the above section on “The Purposes for the Collection of Personal Data”.
  2. Access to the information obtained about you and its purpose. If you have any further questions about your personal data, please contact us.
  3. For rectification in the case of misinformation, inaccurate or incomplete information. Should any information be incorrect, please contact us so we can either update or remove it.
  4. The right of erasure (“to be forgotten”) with no requirement to provide a reason.
  5. The option to restrict the processing of personal data. This can be done through measures such as changing your cookie settings and only providing the level of personal information you are comfortable with.
  6. The right to data portability, which means personal data is an individual’s to retain and use as they wish.
  7. To object to the use of personal data for reasons including direct marketing, scientific, public interest or research purposes.
  8. Rights related to protection against damage due to automated decision-making.

For more information on your rights please visit: edps.europa.eu/edps-homepage_en or contact us at hello.sanaa.io.

This privacy policy applies when you visit our websites (Sanaa.io, admin.sanaa.io) or app. It is recommended to check relevant hosts policies if you are linked to another website.


  1. Find out what your information is used for. At Sanaa.io, we do not collect data that could identify you such as your name, address, phone number, or anything private unless you register.
  2. You can always access the information we have and discover the reasons why we have it.
  3. If any information about you is wrong, it can be corrected or removed.
  4. You can always have your information removed.
  5. Control the use of your data by changing you cookie settings or choosing not to give away information about yourself.
  6. Remember your data is yours to hold and use as you wish.
  7. You can always completely refuse your information being used or collected.

Protecting your personal information is very important, so we have listed a resource for you and your parents to view: staysafeonline.org/stay-safe-online/managing-your-privacy/tips-parents-raising-privacy-savvy-kids/

At Sanaa.io, we try to ensure your personal data is protected to the best of our abilities and within our limitations. No data on the internet is ever 100% secure. While we recommend you act with caution, we cannot ensure, nor warrant that your data will stay safe and secure. By disclosing your information to us, you accept that you are providing us with personal information at your own risk. Your information may be stored in part/whole on equipment/facilities that are leased/licensed from others. Please see the statements of those hosts separately.

By using our websites/app you agree that we are not responsible for the storage/services of others. Any remedies will have to be sought out from those vendors, not Sanaa.io.

We also take care to detect and prevent any possible criminal/fraudulent activity, breaches of our Terms & Conditions or intellectual property infringements by monitoring the information you have provided. This is done for the purpose of harm prevention, security and for the well-being of our users. In the case of Abuse Reports of our Services, Sanaa.io will have to access your personal information in order to check and verify the received report. You will be duly informed during the procedure.

Please find the link to our Terms & Conditions at the footer of Sanaa.io website.

This policy will occasionally be updated. The reason for this is to reflect changes that may occur in our practices and services. Any changes will revise the “last updated” at the top of the policy. Should there be any material changes or new features requiring consent from our users, we will notify you. It is recommended that you check this page regularly to keep informed about this.

Please find our contact details below:

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